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BBS provides full range advisory and consultancy for international financial businesses and entrepreneurs in obtaining the relevant licenses to operate their business ventures effectively.

The permitted activities of a licensed Labuan securities licensee are as follows:

Investment advice

  • Providing advice concerning securities including the issuance or promulgation of research report and analysis.
  • Providing consultancy and advisory services relating to corporate finance and financial planning matters for corporate clients.
  • Conducting analysis and making recommendations relating to investment based on client’s investment objectives and financial situation.

Administrative services

  • Marking submissions on behalf of clients to Labuan FSA in respect of securities including any other reporting requirements.
  • Issuing any documents which are deemed to be prospectus under the LFSSA/LIFSSA and the LCA.

Dealing in securities

  • Quoting two-way prices and dealing in securities.
  • Arranging for the sale and purchase of securities including that are not listed on a stock market or a stock exchange, issued by, belonging to or on behalf of clients.
  • Other activity as permitted by LFSSA or LIFSSA.
  • Any other activity which may be permitted by Labuan FSA from time to time.

For the eligibility of the applicant, the following needs to be submitted:

Provide a business plan covering the business intentions, types of services to be provided, target market, revenue projections, expected profit and loss, and manpower, including the equity structure of company in regard to the percentage of shareholding.

Demonstrate the existence of both adequate financial resources and insurance coverage.

Subject to the merit of each application, the applicant may be required to provide additional information to Labuan FSA.

The annual license fee payable for Labuan Securities License is RM5,000 upon the grant of its license. The subsequent payment of annual license fee payable on or before 15 January of each year.

Maintain a minimum paid-up capital unimpaired by losses of RM150,000 equivalent in any foreign currency throughout its operation.

In addition, based on the securities licensee’s risk management assessment, additional capital may need to be injected to commensurate its risk profile as well as the nature and the complexity of its business.

Maintain a professional indemnity insurance policy with coverage of not less than RM1,000,000 or it’s equivalent in any foreign currency throughout its operations.

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