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Advisory on private placement with a structured governance and sound compliance for accredited investors. Companies may utilize a private placement to raise capital for its business which is common in newly emerging financial technology product offerings.

The advantages of raising capital through private or public fund via Labuan is to allow an issuer to avoid the time and expense of registering. The process of underwriting is faster, which allows the issuer to receive proceeds from the sale in less time.

A private and public placement issuer can sell a more complex security to accredited investors who understand the potential risks and rewards, and the firm can remain a privately-owned company, which avoids the need to file annual disclosures with the authorities.

We believe in understanding the client’s strategy through a complex structure and identify opportunities to produce the best outcome that grow, optimize and protect your business in the present and future.

  • Growth
    Helping clients to maximise value and reduce risk by transforming businesses to achieve operational, financial and compliance alignment.
  • Transformation
    Clarify strategy, align key leadership, engaging entire organization in executing effectively.
  • Innovation
    Advising clients in embracing new business model through proper license application enabling clients to participate in the new economy of Big Data, AI and Cryptocurrency, Block Chain and etc.
  • Tax Advisory
    Providing sound tax advisory to reduce unnecessary disruption to a profitable business while enabling your business to have better cashflow and capital for expansion whilst meeting international compliance standards.

The introduction of various global tax policies such as FATCA and Common Reporting Standards by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) to conform to the mandatory reporting requirements which includes all forms of financial information (including investment income, individual and corporate account balances, sales profits from financial assets, Trustee and Estate of Wills and others will be transparently shared between the jurisdictions involved.

BBS Trust International Ltd is ready to assist business entrepreneurs in practical strategies to better manage their corporate taxes by providing in-depth reviews of the company(ies) current financial tax needs and recommending efficient international tax structures that is beneficial to the business whilst meeting all international tax policies.

Business owners do not consider business exit strategy as important when they start up their businesses. Business exit is key as leaving a business is not a simple and incidences such as partnership conflicts, illness or disability and Death may occur.

As a business person ages, retirement will be considered. BBS Trust will structure a plan to help sell a profitable or unprofitable business for management buyout or a potential buyer.

Succession planning refers to the to the process in which employees are recruited and developed with the aim of filing a key role within an organization. This ensures that the business continues to run even after the exit and death of important persons in the business.

In BBS, we can structure a business succession plan covering with a key man insurance and risk management policies to ensure a smooth transition to the new management team.

Example of Types of Corporate Restructuring


  • Mergers and Acquisitions:
    Growth through mergers and acquisition is a viable strategy, but substantial risk is often involved. Whether buying into a new business in an adjacent industry or acquiring a competitor, BBS provides consultancy on acquisition strategies for the buy-side engagement. Identification of potential targets, their valuation, and assisting in the negotiation process are elements BBS optimizes.
  • Pre-IPO and IPO Advisory:
    The transition from a privately-owned company to a publicly owned entity whose shares can be traded on a stock exchange involves a complex web of financial due diligence, valuation, investors’ assessment, fundraising and listing application, prospectus drafting and compliance.

BBS provides professional guidance and undertaking and leading the important task of the listing exercise to ensure a successful IPO listing for clients.

  • Company Valuation:
    Is essential when a company is undergoing Merger & Acquisition (M&A), offer for sale, Management Buyout (MBO) or Initial Public Offering (IPO) listing to determine the bidding or target value of the investors in exchange for the company’s shares. BBS applies it’s “Strategic Company Valuation Program” to maximize shareholder value and capitalize on the company assets available, while incorporating qualitative assumption and comparable industry parameters.
  • Equity and Debt Financing:
    BBS assist clients to gain access to a suite of equity and debt financing exercises such as private equity, institutional lenders, bankers or government grants and tax incentives that are available on international financial markets to propose the most viable funding structure. From initial feasibility studies to managing the transaction process through the successful deal completion where BBS guides and handholds the clients.
  • Capital Fundraising:
    BBS specializes in helping companies to secure funds, especially smart money. Smart money involves an investor who provides not just funding, but also expertise, co-branding and strategic connections; and any other intrinsic proposition that adds value to the company.  BBS focus predominantly on advising and assisting our clients in securing funding from private institutional investors.  These include venture capital fund, investment arm of large companies and other strategic funding sources which addresses our clients’ grow needs and plans.  At BBS, we are experience in structuring equity, debt or mezzanine deals to meet the needs of business owners for the growth of their business.

Helping clients identify potential corporate risk in all aspect of the business processes and proposal for the appropriate risk assessment controls.

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